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Limitations (movie, video-in, special contents)

1. Movie limitations

The CPX device can play only one movie at a time. If you define more zones and a zone at the moment already present a movie but in an other zone should start an new one, that one will be skipped. For encoding type limitations see Supported content formats page.

2. HDMI-in limitations

The device has only one HDMI-in channel and the content from this line can be presented only in one instance. If you define more zones and the hdmi-in in a moment should be presented in more zones, it will be shown in only one (when it was opened at last time). The device can handle only 1270x720 or lower resolution in the input. If the input is bigger or is not detectable, the player will present a note in the target zone.

The image of the HDMI input will be presented over all other contents (except RSS). For example if you define two zones, the second one overlaps the first one (the z-index is bigger), if the back zone's playlist contains HDMI-in presentation, this presentation will be rendered over the second zone, but other items not.

The HDMI-in channel should be on in the moment when it has to be presented. If later is plugged or turned on, the device cannot detect it automatically, you have to reload the playlist or restart the device. Also not detects automatically if the input is resized in meantime (also needs a reload to present it well).

3. RSS limitations

The device can present only one RSS at a time, and the RSS is rendered over all other elements including HDMI-in.

The device handles just first several items. The number of presented items depends on items length and the target zone settings (size, font family etc.).

4. Webpage presentation limitations

The animations in web pages (flash, css3, js) are rendered, but are not smooth. For example the movies inside html are simple not presented or not continuously played. This is a performance problem. Musics or other audio contents from html pages (even from flash objects) are played well. This player is designed to present static contents, without motions or animations. The content or several elements can be changed (from js or from flash), but without transitions (fade, scale etc.).

5. Global limitations

The items listed above (movie, video-in, RSS, web) are performance consumer contents. Be careful to use all of them in the same time. The resource need of the movie depends on the presentable video size, for the HDMI-in depends on the input size and the scale ratio, for RSS on container zone width and for html the complexity if there presentable page. If the device is overloaded, the screen shifts and/or the device simple freezes and restarts. In this case check the scheduled content, decrease the load, or contact support for detailed inspection/suggestion/solution.

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