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Firmware update - Digital Signage

1. Check firmware version of a device

When the device boots up the device ID and firmware version appears before the blue DENSION logo after several minutes.

1.1 Check actual firmware on SignageLive

If the device is registered to SignageLive, you can check its version in the devices page.

Login to the SignageLive server with your account, select Settings menu and click Licences:

In the Licences page click your devices licence code:

In the next page click View Player button:

In the player's page click System tab and in the System frame you'll see the Client Version (this is the firmware version on the CPX device):

1.2 Check actual firmware on Sherpa

Log in to the Sherpa app and in the Device tab the table's sixth column is SW ver. Search the devices row and check this value.

2. Update firmware

There are two ways to refresh the firmware in a CPX device. The recommended way is to update via content management server (SignageLive or Sherpa) but is possible to update with a plugged flash drive.

2.1 Firmware update from SignageLive

Actually firmware update can be done only by SignageLive system administrators. Please contact

2.2 Firmware update from Sherpa

Log in to the Sherpa content management application (

Select Task menupoint than click Add.

In the opened page switch Task type selector to 'Firmware'. A new selector appears in the next line, named 'Firmware'. In this selector choose the newest firmware version for your device. In the device list above select the device than click save.

2.3 Firmware update via usb

The update package should be requested from your distributor or from support.

If the device cannot connect to the network, or it is in a hidden lan, the cpx_update.den file should be copied to an usb storage and plugged in the CPX. If the update works well, the device after several seconds reboots and for some minutes all LEDs (except power LED) are flashing. This takes a few minutes and after than the device reboots in normal mode automatically. Do not touch in meantime. If the update (when all LEDs are flashing) take more than half an hour, take the power off and on again, check if the device can boot up normally (with old firmware) and if yes, try to update again. If cannot boot up or the second update also takes long time, the device should be changed.

If the update succeeded, the cpx_update.den will be renamed to Updated_cpx_update.den in the USB storage (to not let be updated twice if the storage is not removed in meantime). If you want to use the same file to update another device (or the same again), rename it back to cpx_update.den.

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