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R. Aston Martin

In case of Aston Martin the different information on the internet might be misleading.

The correct official installation method is this:

  • The 6 DIP switches: Please use DIP switch setting 2,4 ON and the rest OFF (Volvo XC90 DIP switch setting)
  • Also add constant power to the Gateway 500 device.
  • On the other hand install the Gateway to the car's optical system like this (Installation Type 2a):
    1. First disconnect the factory 6CD-changer from the car's optical system
    2. Then connect the Gateway to the disconnected optical cables of the CDC
    3. Finally connect the CDC to the right side (CDC side) optical connector of the Gateway 500


If it won't work like this, then you might have an unsupported car radio. We support officially the Linn 950w radio, it looks like this:

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