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! Installation

You need to connect three cables:

  • red: +12V battery (permanent 12V)
  • purple: +12V switched (ACC or ignition)
  • black: ground (GND)

You can find all of these connection options by the fuse box of the car, but you can also solve it other way in the car. For example if the vehicle has no switched power option, then you can connect both the red and purple cables to permanent 12V. You can connect the cables with the includes Scotchloks, or by soldering.

Microphone: you can place the microphone at the center rear view mirror, or behind the driving wheel. The cable of the microphone can be hided behind the roof carpet and the A-pillar. (The microphone has some direction sensitivity, so you can face it towards the head of the driver.)

Now that you installed the Compact BT, you can test if everything works properly. If everything is OK you can place the hardware of the Compact BT into the glove box or behind the radio head unit and finally you can reassembly all the elements of the car back together.

We made a video about the installation, you can check it for a better visual explanation (please turn on subtitles/captions by the video):

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