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  • The Gateway MMI3 was discontinued since the first half of 2016.
  • It was a solution for the MMI3 (MMI 3G) head unit that Audi started to use in its car models from 2009 the earliest. But starting around from 2011 the later coming versions like MMI3 High/Low/Basic were not supported.
  • It was an enabler tool most importantly which enabled all the functions on the MMI3: all Bluetooth and music playback capabilities just needed to be enabled as they were available by a simple coding, a modified Gateway hardware was only added into the package for adding physical connections too.
  • If you want to connect an iPod/iPhone that has a Lightning connection, then you can try it with an original Apple 30pin-to-Lightning adapter. Based on almost all of the feedbacks of the customers it works like this. The Dension Lightning adapter (LIA1GW0) is not compatible with the Gateway MMI3, because the adapter came around when the device was discontinued.
  • You can still reach the webpage of this Gateway version on the archived old Dension homepage:

Please note: If some of the links are not working on the old Dension website ("Page not found"), make it sure that you type in "sandbox." instead of "https://www." and then it will work.

You can download the user manual from here:


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