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There are discontinued accessories that are not manufactured anymore, but you can still find them by some resellers or as a used product.

CD changer retention kit (CDR2xxx):

  • It was only compatible with non text versions of the Gateway 300 and Gateway 100 (these versions could not display ID3 information). For example if you have a Gateway 300 with 12 pin connector instead of a 18 pin connector, then you most probably have a non text version Gateway, with that you can use this retention kit.
  • Here you can find the old archived Dension website about it:

iPod power booster (IPBxDIN):

  • The older Dension devices (Ice Link products, older Gateway versions) had less power output (0.5 Amp) for charging. The power booster could increase this to around 1 Amp, which was enough for the newer iPod/iPhone devices.
  • Here you can find information about the different power booster versions:

If you want to see the other discontinued products please check the old archived website of Dension:
Please note: If some of the links are not working on the old Dension website ("Page not found"), make it sure that you type in "sandbox." instead of "https://www." and then it will work.


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