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Before ordering a device

Please before you order, always check if the head unit (radio or navigation) of your car is compatible. On Dension webshop before you purchase you need to add your car type and head unit version. First you can see a question mark next to "compatibility", this means that you didn't add your car type yet:

Go to "Compatibility" and click on "Compatible with my car":

A small window will pop up, add there your car manufacturer, type, made year and the head unit type:

When you are done with those, you can see If a Gateway device is supported in the case of your car or not:

If instead a Gateway device you are looking for a DAB solution, then you can choose a DAB+A or DAB+M device, because they are universal solutions. If you have a USB connection in your car which is capable to play MP3 files, then our DAB+U might be a solution too, but for checking if your car head unit (radio/navigation) is compatible, you need to check the DAB+U Product Catalogue. If your car's head unit is supported by the DAB+U, then you will find it there:

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