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  • The Ice Link series (for example the Ice Link Plus, Ice Link One FM, Ice Link Lite) was discontinued very long ago. You can download user and installation manuals from the bottom of this page.
  • The old Dension website was archived, but you can still reach it here with the product page of some Ice Link devices:
  • AUX input: There were more versions available for these products, some of them had an AUX input next to the 8 pin connector, some of them didn't have it. Those ones which didn't have the AUX input on them it was not possible to add an AUX feature later.
  • If the iPod cable is broken: Unfortunately it is not possible to replace its iPod cable, because only the Ice Link series used the iPod cable with an 8 pin connector. Our Gateway devices which came after that, they use a 9 pin plug instead.
  • Connecting Lightning cable: If you want to connect an iPhone/iPod with Lightning connection to your Ice Link then the only way it might be possible if you get an original Apple made "30 pin to Lightning" adaptor.
  • Ice Link Plus old Knowledge base:
  • Ice Link One FM old Knowledge base:


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