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! Installation options

Generally, there are two ways to install the Gateway:

  • If the car does not have a CD changer: you install the Gateway as last device in the optical ring of the car. In other words: you install the Gateway behind the head unit of the car. (You can follow the small arrows on the optical connectors that show you the direction of the optical light.) Here:
  • If the car has a CD changer: then you first remove the CD changer from the optical ring and install the Gateway to the disconnected optical cable of the CD changer. If you have a dual FOT (xxxxMO2) version Gateway, then you can keep the factory installed CD changer if you plug it to the right side (CDC side) optical connector of the Dension device:

When the CD changer connection is located in the boot of the car, then you might need the FOA1PO1 optical extension kit (5m long), if you want/need to place the Gateway hardware to the front part of the car (into the glove box or behind the dash).

Porsche Cayenne installation with the FOA1PO1 optical cable extension kit

(!) If you don't know where to find the factory 6CD changer of the car please read section K for the answer!

(!) Power: You need to add constant power to the Gateway device. (If you add switched power instead, then the Gateway unit might not be recognised by the car at startup, and also it might loose part of its memory too.)

(!) The car might require coding, for that please read section M.

On youtube you might find installation videos. First of all we recommend to check out the installation videos of our US partner Enfig:

Special cases:

- Audi with MMI2 High head unit: this is an exception, because this MMI version can work with multiple CD changers in the same time. You add the Gateway to the optical ring of the car, and it will be recognized as a second CD changer.

- Porsche: Alternatively, if the phone module is under the passenger’s seat and it is not needed, then you can install the Gateway device there, and then no optical extension kit (FOA1PO1) is needed. So first remove the factory phone module and install the Gateway to the disconnected optical cable of the phone module. Finally remove the CD changer from the optical ring, then you need to make there an optical loop or you can connect it to the CDC side optical port of the Gateway if you want to keep it.

An optical loop:

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