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D. Text and song display options

The Compact BT provides song information through RDS. This only works in FM transmission mode of the device (because the AUX mode is only capable to send the direct sound signal). Also important: the connected smartphone needs to support the AVRCP 1.3 protocol. (Generally, Android phones support this feature from Android 4.3.x onwards. This profile is also available on iPhone 3G and on later iPhone models.)

There are two display options you can choose from: RDS and RDS text.

RDS: In case of RDS display the device will forward the currently played track’s artist and title information to the radio’s display. In RDS mode the device is able to display 8 characters at a time. The rest of the text information will be scrolled through with the speed of 1 character per second. If you prefer this text option, please dial #5#0 (and start the call).

RDS text: By selecting RDS text mode more song information can be displayed in the same time (it depends on the car head unit, how many). To activate this text option, please dial #5#1 (and start the call).

Please note: During hands free calls the Compact BT device sends the title “Calling” in both text options.

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