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C. Phone call issues

  • When making phone calls, the sound of the other person comes from the smartphone’s speakers instead of the car’s speakers: The smartphone might require additional settings to transfer incoming calls to the Compact BT. If you hear the caller’s voice from the phone’s speakers instead of the car audio system (when the phone is connected to the Compact BT via Bluetooth) then dial #2#1 (and start the call). After this setup the incoming calls will be transferred to the car speakers automatically.
    Please note: If you pair a different smartphone, you may need to reset this setting. In order to do this, please dial #2#0 (and start the call).
    Other things to check: please make sure that the Bluetooth connection between the Gateway and your phone is also including the phone calls (not only Bluetooth music streaming). You can check this in the Bluetooth menu of your phone. In case of iPhone please double check the ‘Call Audio Routing’ settings, and make sure ‘Bluetooth Headset’ is selected there; in case of Android you can also find similar settings.
    For iPhones we can show you where you can find this setting exactly. Please check this video with turned on subtitles/captions, starting from 4:12.

  • Voice of the caller is low/loud in the car speakers, compared to music sources: while your phone is connected to the Compact BT via Bluetooth, to change the speaker’s volume please dial #0#X to set the speaker volume to X. X is an integer value between 1 (lowest) and 15 (highest).

  • The other person complains that your voice is too low/loud: To change the microphone’s volume dial #1#X to set the microphone volume according to your needs between the value of 1–15 (lowest-highest).

  • Echo on phone calls: Please note, that even if the microphone records the sound mostly from the front, it also records all the sounds/noises from the car, also the other person’s voice that comes from the car speakers. This can make an echo effect both for you and for the other caller. Even the car interior affects this. If this happens, please lower the above mentioned volume settings: “speaker’s volume”, “microphone’s volume”. In the best situation the echo is removed or barely audible, but you and the other caller can hear each other properly.
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