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I. Gateway cannot be selected or any various problems

The factory installed external CD changer needs to be removed/disconnected from the car’s optical ring if you want to use all functions of the Gateway (music playback). This is because the Gateway emulates these functions, and the car can only work with one CD changer in the same time. If you don’t remove them, any various problems may happen like:

  • Volume changing automatically / randomly within 10-15 seconds or more
  • CD changer (Gateway) as a source can or cannot be selected but it reverts you back automatically to radio mode shortly (within 2-3 seconds)
  • Function buttons are not or only partly working (e.g. FFW)
  • Error messages from the car
  • The Gateway or car radio resets, is not available at all

Some car types also require coding, or else the Gateway can’t be reached in the car menu. A typical situation is by BMW that the CD changer can be selected, but the CDs are all greyed out. For further information about coding please read section L!

Important: originally the Gateway 500 Lite is configured to Mercedes cars. If you install it into a Porsche or any other car, you need to install an other car configuration or else it won’t work properly, or won’t be recognized by the car at all. You can reach the car config files here at the downloads section:

The special case by Porsche: If you installed everything correctly, also the Gateway works properly, but the following message appears on the screen "System error: CD Changer not available." everytime when you start the car. The message can be closed if you press OK, but you can also remove the error message permanently: based on the feedbacks of some Dension installers we know, that if you decode/remove the factory phone from the programming of the car, then the error message for the CDC won't come back.

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