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H. Volume issues

This could happen “relatively” easily because all car systems are different. It can be small, medium, big or large like a stadium, could come with 4 speakers or 12 speakers… All in all we use default settings which work in most cases but sometimes not. If not: It can be too loud, distorted or low compared to other sources of the car (FM radio, CD).

If you experience volume problems with Gateway sources (USB, iPod, AUX), then you need to download the volume configuration package:

The appropriate steps are the following:

  1. Unzip the volume package file
  2. Select and copy the appropriate configuration file from iPod, USB or AUX & A2DP folder to the root of a USB flash drive where you have at least one playable music content. Use 0dB / +6dB files if the volume is lower and you want to make it louder or -1dB/-20bB if the volume is distorted
  3. Connect the USB drive to the Gateway while it is powered up
  4. The volume configuration procedure takes about 2 seconds. When finished, the next song will be audible on your car’s speakers
  5. Turn the audio system OFF, remove the ignition key and wait about 20 seconds. Turn the audio system back ON
  6. Test your audio system. If the volume output is still not optimal, please repeat steps 2-5 with different volume configuration files

After finding the best volume level, you can delete the volume CFG file from your USB stick.

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