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L. No sound only control on BMW

This problem could appear on 3 specific cases:

  • The car has DSP
  • The CD changer plug has been connected in a wrong way on the cable of the GW33BM1 (17 round PIN connector)
  • The iPod Dock cable is not connected or wrongly connected

DSP: If the car has DSP, the Gateway is officially not compatible, due to limitations of the Gateway device. DSP systems require a digital input but the Gateway provides analogue so in those cases there will be no sound, only control. Having a DSP option is rare, there is no label on the radio. You can tell if you check the Tuner. If you see a coax connector, then it must be a DSP based system, but a service station can also help you to find out if the car has DSP or not.
Alternatively: If the car has DSP, and you still prefer to install the Gateway, then you can use a DSP analog-digital adapter (for example Blitzsafe).

CD changer plug: The small 10 pin CD changer plug is a separate cable that you can find on the 17 round PIN plug. This 10 pin plug can accidently be connected in 2 ways to the head unit’s CD changer port. If the radio sees the Gateway but there is no sound, it could be sign of improper installation. Please rotate the 10 pin plug by 180° and plug it back in.

iPod Dock cable: On Gateway 300 there is one 9 pin connector. It is dedicated to the 30 pin iPod Dock cable (IPDC1GW), or to the Dension Lightning adapter (LIA1GW0).

If the cable is connected to the wrong place then no sound will be audible and the iPod / iPhone device will not be recognized properly.

If you have no sound both from USB and iPod / iPhone too, then the problem might be related to the car specifications (DSP) or there is a conflict with a factory installed device (CD changer or else). The car harness of the Gateway device can also be plugged in wrong, or it may be faulty, please double check if it fits correctly.

So please check the following:

  • The installation
  • Car specifications (DSP is not supported, but please read the top section for more info)
  • Make sure that there is no device which conflicts with our module (CD changer, MDI), these need to be removed from the car completely
  • Check all Gateway source options if possible with more music devices (iPod / iPhone, USB, AUX) to find out if the problem is related to one source device only or not
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