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1. How to update the firmware of the GEN enabler tool?

To update the firmware of the Enabler tool, download the firmware package from the bottom of this page and then follow the next steps:

  1. Change the DIP switch settings on GEN. For Maintenance mode DIP switch #1 must be turned ON
  2. Connect the GEN to your PC via Mini USB cable
  3. The Windows will recognize it but correct drivers will most probably be missing (if the GEN has not been connected earlier), therefore please set for your Windows that it can find the required driver in the 'Driver' folder of the GEN enabler. (If the PC is not recognising it, make sure that your Mini USB cable is also for communicating, not only for charging. Windows XP, 7 and Vista are supported, but Windows 10 is not)
  4. After the successful recognition / installation run ‘DfuSeDemo.exe’ file from the ‘Programmer’ directory
  5. Go to ‘Upgrade or Very Action’ and select ‘Choose’
  6. On the pop-up screen select the proper firmware update file for the GEN (GEB0D011.dfu)
  7. Then press Upgrade button, and press yes when the following warning message appears. The update process will be done and you can disconnect the Enabler tool from your PC.

Finally set back the 4 DIP switches on the GEN enabler tool to the original state:
- All OFF: If you only want to enable the IPOD option (by this will be the Gateway device recognised and you can reach and control the music menu of the Gateway)
- All switches OFF, but switch #2 to ON position: The same as above, but you also enable the Gateway's phone menu with this (Phone 644 option)

Now you can use the Enabler tool on your car (again).

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